Austrian Federal Lands

Qualidator test report about marketing activities of the Austrian federal states.
URLRatingAccessibilityUsabilitySEOCreated on 82.21% 82.68% 83.37% 88.64% 12/26/2015 80.65% 79.82% 79.88% 71.37% 4/24/2019 79.63% 82.54% 79.01% 76.46% 7/8/2016 79.57% 84.75% 83.45% 79.23% 4/24/2019 77.2% 81.52% 77.21% 72.29% 4/24/2019 76.5% 81.14% 77.98% 74.75% 4/10/2019 74.84% 84.04% 79.73% 72.17% 4/24/2019 74.75% 81.61% 81.02% 69.08% 4/24/2019 70.73% 77.89% 76.31% 63.52% 4/24/2019
Particular attention is given to accessibility (in particular access for users with disabilities), as this follows country specific regulations.

Statistical data cannot be reused without previous consent by AG and citation of the source.
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HTTP Compression of HTML, JavaScript and CSS can now be tested directly in SiteAnalyzer. Different User Agents are available in order to test the proper behavior.
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