The Qualidator® website Analyzer is a Windows application, developed to allow a one step, page by page, automated validation of an entire web project (HTML & CSS), and to review the quality by carrying out over 30 additional tests. At the same time, a link check is also carried out.
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System requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7 oder Server 2003/2008; 32 oder 64 Bit, 1 GB RAM minimum
compatible with windows7
Qualidator has achieved "Windows 8 App Certification" (Feb 2014)

Qualidator® SiteAnalyzer has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be Compatible with Windows® 7. (Feb 2010)

Only “Compatible with Windows® 7” software and devices have passed Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability on PCs running the Windows 7 operating system. “Compatible with Windows 7” products install without worry and run reliably with Windows 7.

Detailed description

Weak spots are listed colour-coded by single pages (URL) and amount of weak spots identified. At the same time, the size and download time of every single page is calculated. The tested pages can be displayed in a choice of three ways: browser mode with direct page preview, report mode with a list and a summary of the weak spots identified, or code mode with the identified weak spots highlighted in colour.

Tests can be switched on and off, and they allow to prioritise and to focus on specific aspects of a website quality assurance. The test settings are individually configured and are preserved when the programme is switched off. At the same time, the ranking of Qualidator and the Alexa Pagerank of the web project are determined at the start of the test.

The detailed report function allows a constant overview of the still existing weak spots. All test results can be exported or saved for use at a later time.


  • Validation (syntax test) of CSS and HTML
  • Qualidation (quality test) of CSS and HTML
  • Qualidator results (broken down in SEO, accessibility, usability) as well as Alexa Page Rank are displayed in single view
  • Testing of all single pages of your website
  • Listing of the weak spots by single page (URL)
  • Display of the pages size and download time
  • Every tested single page can be viewed in preview mode
  • Direct indication of the weak spots in the code
  • Optional switch on/off of the single validation and qualidation tests
  • Meaningful reports
  • Exporting and saving the results

Why choose SiteAnalyzer

  • Time savings through exhaustive quality and validation tests of a web project through a single software
  • Efficient work on a web project thanks to a test carried out throughout the whole website
  • Weak spots in the code are highlighted and thus easily identified
  • The optional on/off switch of the single validation and qualidation tests allow a prioritisation and focusing on specific aspects of the quality tests
  • Improvements and developments can be displayed by exporting and saving results



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Errors and indications are displayed directly in the source code, other display modes can be accessed by selecting the relevant tabs

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Numerous options are available. The applied tests can be controlled by the user at any time.

Price and editions

There are two cost free editions and three licensed versions. A complete overview of the editions can be found on the Editions overview page. 

The basic version, with or without registration, is available for free.

For the coverage of the licensed services, please read our overview.

Standard licence

Short Summary: 100 single pages to be tested, 24 tests

EUR 28.-
CHF approx. 41.-
USD approx. 35.-

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Professional licence

Short Summary: 250 single pages to be tested, 27 tests

EUR 87.-
CHF approx. 128.-
USD approx. 110.-

Enterprise licence

Short Summary: complete, unlimited version

EUR 440.-
CHF approx. 645.-
USD approx. 557.- 

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Payment methods:

Qualidator News & Hints

Qualidator SiteAnalyzer has achieved "Windows 8 App Certification" (Feb 2014)
HTML5 Validator for SiteAnalyzer
When upgrading to HTML 5 SiteAnalyzer helps you validating all pages of your website for issues.
More infos and download
HTTP Compression Test

HTTP Compression of HTML, JavaScript and CSS can now be tested directly in SiteAnalyzer. Different User Agents are available in order to test the proper behavior.
Qualidator for SmartPhones has been optimized for the iPhone and other SmartPhones in the last few month. Check it out. Feedback welcome.
Do you already know the Qualidator® SiteAnalyzer?
The Qualidator® SiteAnalyzer is a Windows application, developed to allow a one step, page by page, automated validation of an entire web project (XHTML & CSS), and to review the quality by carrying out over 30 additional tests.

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