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Test results for http://www.bestattungsbedarf-kleemann.de Test results from 10/11/2012 10:43:58 PM

The analysis of the tested website has returned an excellent result, the website is of very high quality standard. Accessibility guidelines have been implemented exceptionally well. The website is excellent in terms of usability guidelines. Search engines were given the best possible consideration.
Quality Certification AA available
web site Qualitäts-Zertifikat Certify your web project at quality level AA to make your high web standards public. Get additional information about the Quality Certification at qualidator@seven49.net.
  • Overall 91.0%
  • Accessibility 95.7%
  • Usability 92.8%
  • SEO 98.5%

All results

Tested onTests performedWarningsSuggestionsHintsPassedRating
7/24/2013 9:59:23 PM 6601461 96.4%
7/18/2013 11:50:56 PM 6611460 94.1%
11/13/2012 11:47:07 PM 6601461 96.4%
11/13/2012 11:37:44 PM 6601560 95.6%
10/22/2012 1:27:01 AM 6602460 95.2%
10/22/2012 1:25:25 AM 6602559 94.5%
10/19/2012 10:58:44 PM 6602460 95.2%
10/19/2012 10:48:47 PM 6602559 94.5%
10/15/2012 11:38:58 PM 6502459 95.1%
10/15/2012 9:20:07 PM 6502558 94.9%
10/15/2012 9:12:13 PM 6512557 94.1%
10/15/2012 4:40:01 AM 6512557 93.5%
10/15/2012 4:16:06 AM 6512656 92.8%
10/15/2012 3:03:47 AM 6512755 92.1%
10/11/2012 10:43:58 PM 6513754 91.0%
10/11/2012 9:31:32 PM 6514753 90.0%

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Test Website
The quality of a website defines the success on the internet, also in economical terms. Score points on the  Qualidator (from Quality Validator) and bring the potential of your website to life.

The Qualidator reviews the first five pages of a website with about 60-70 automated tests, on the core aspects of usability, accessibility, SEO (Search Engines Optimisation) and quality (technical quality).

Please introduce the URL/address of a website. Example: www.microsoft.com.
The test will last between one and five minutes, depending on the website and server load.

Qualidator News & Hints

Qualidator SiteAnalyzer has achieved "Windows 8 App Certification" (Feb 2014)
HTML5 Validator for SiteAnalyzer
When upgrading to HTML 5 SiteAnalyzer helps you validating all pages of your website for issues.
More infos and download
HTTP Compression Test

HTTP Compression of HTML, JavaScript and CSS can now be tested directly in SiteAnalyzer. Different User Agents are available in order to test the proper behavior.
Qualidator for SmartPhones

Qualidator.com has been optimized for the iPhone and other SmartPhones in the last few month. Check it out. Feedback welcome.
Do you already know the Qualidator® SiteAnalyzer?
The Qualidator® SiteAnalyzer is a Windows application, developed to allow a one step, page by page, automated validation of an entire web project (XHTML & CSS), and to review the quality by carrying out over 30 additional tests.

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