Visited Links

Test Weight: high
Marking previously visited hyperlinks helps users to identify which pages of the website have previously been read. In other words, according to Nielsen the navigation interface should answer three essential questions: "Where am I?", "Where have I been?" and "Where can I go?"

Source and further information:
"Prioritizing Web Usability" by Jakob Nielsen/Hoa Loranger and "Designing Web Usability" by Jakob Nielsen

Test Results

  • Total 100% 100000
  • Not tested 0% 0
  • Warning 52.6% 52618
  • Suggestion 0% 0
  • Hint 0% 0
  • Passed 47.3% 47382
  • Total amount of tests run.
  • This test was not carried out for this website.
  • The tested website does not support fully this type of marking.
  • The category Suggestion is not being used for this test.
  • The category Hint is not being used for this test.
  • Previously visited hyperlinks are marked accordingly. Make sure that the marking is obvious enough, without highlighting the link itself but by keeping a contrast with the background.

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User Comments

2/22/2020 8:16:39 PM Administrator
Comments welcome
We welcome any kind of questions, comments and criticism with regards to this test, such as:
  • Good & bad aspects
  • Reporting errors and spelling issues
  • Reporting dead links
  • Additions
  • Comments on the weighting of the test (see at the top)
  • Reporting wrong or additional sources and further information (links)
  • General questions about this test
Should you not wish to have your comments potentially published, please send them to
4/4/2012 10:20:25 AM
Besuchte Links und Hover Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, auch wenn ich für meine Frau die Internetseite meiner Ansicht nach qualitativ (und das händisch, also MedioWiki, Wordpress, etc.) recht weit nach oben gebracht habe, so fukst es mich doch, noch zwei Fehler (Warnungen) zu haben. Haben Sie ein Tool mit dem ich den Fehler lokalisieren kann? Ich finde ihn einfach nicht. Vielen Dank vorab für Ihre Unterstützung. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Holger Pohl
3/11/2011 5:47:12 AM soulreaver66
Hallo Meine besuchten links werden alle markiert. Falle trotzdem durch den Test. Warum? mfg Büttler

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